Jordan Brand Rolls Out Moving 're2pect' Tribute For Derek Jeter | Bleacher Report

The Shelter admitted 263 cats/ kittens during the year; of that number at least 60 of the cats were illegally abandoned at its doorstep - generally mother cats with litters of kittens. Despite adopting 243 cats during 2013 (169 of which were cats admitted during 2013), this left the Shelter with almost 200 cats at the beginning of 2014. What this means for 2014 is that the Shelter is absolutely full and unable to accept any further cats or kittens into its program.

Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss, Carmelo Anthony and Billy Crystal also show their respect in the video, which is guaranteed to leave more than one Yankees fan misty-eyed. The best part of this ad might be the grudging acknowledgements of Jeters success. Boston bros with no love for the Yankees tip their hats, and Mr. Met might have to go into witness protection after doffing his cap for Jeter.

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